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With over 10 years of experience in Interior Design, a vast knowledge of construction and great eye for color and balance, Brittany is ready to dive in to any project- large or small.


A native of Augusta, GA. Brittany lives in Evans, GA with her husband and doggies. 


When asking Brittany about what she does:

"I have a passion for what I do and an obsession with transforming things into something better... something more beautiful.  I enjoy making the world a prettier place, one room at a time." 


"What a rewarding feeling to be the one to orchestrate a change in a home, or design and make specifications for new construction!  It is so enjoyable to watch a project come together, or see a sketch or idea come to life.  I love when a contractor or supplier says "well, that isn't the way we usually do it, or I've never done this before." 

and I think to myself - "Yes, I know... that's why I'm here!"

About Brittany

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